192 capacity parking house in Tallinn city center
all 8 floors covered with surveillance cameras
multiple pricing and payment options

Located in a modern high rise building in Tallinn city centre, 10 minute walk from the old town next to ferry D-terminal

30 high quality surveillance cameras installed across eight floors of the building, 24/7 video surveillance and security on site

50% savings in hour price compared to Südalinn zone, multiple payment options available including 30 minute intervals as well as monthly cards

All common car washing services provided inside the building, one of the top restaurants in Tallinn, Gianni located next door


Each 30 minutes started: € 1.20
Single day ticket: € 6.00
Weekly card: € 32
Monthly night card: € 38

Payment options

Payment machine near the lift
According to pre-contracted parking

* Max car height 2.0 meters

TOR Property OÜ

Jõe 4a, 10151, Tallinn

Office: 6263643 Mon-Fri 08.00-16.30

Cashier: 6263697 Mon-Thu 08.00-15.30

Security: 6263690 on location 24/7

Car wash: 58 102 862

Restaurant: 6263684 www.gianni.ee